A premier innovation conference - Produced by Cobian Media


Latin America’s premier innovation conference where tech-hackers, the startup scene and the creative economy meet.


In order to build successful startup ventures entrepreneurs need to create a product or service with the help of a powerful team.

The dream team of a successful startup is composed of three people: the hipster, the hacker and the hustler.

The hipster brings the creative design and cool factor.

The hacker brings its utility belt of technology solutions.

The hustler finds the right way to package it and take it to the masses.

The combination of these three is tough to beat.

Unfortunately the hustler, the hacker and the hipster have trouble meeting each other because of their different backgrounds, styles and tastes.

The H3 Tech Conference serves as a matchmaking event for these three.

The conference will promote the core values and behaviors that are needed for tech entrepreneurship to flourish and enable successful collisions between the three.

A premier innovation conference - Produced by Cobian Media


To become a catalyst for the creation of new enterprises that can contribute to the social and economic development of the world.


H3 Tech Conference’s main objective is to develop an innovation-based entrepreneurial mindset by providing the tools, the knowledge and the space to exchange ideas to build a strong ecosystem.


Think big · Collaborate · Be trustworthy and trust people · Embrace and create change · Be creative · Embrace diversity · Experiment · Listen & learn · Pay it forward · Move fast

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